Helena Khaliullina
Cell and Molecular Biologist PhD, Certified Nutritionist, Ayurveda Lifestyle-Consultant, Stress Management Coach

Antistress - step by step

An individual lifestyle manual:
a course about how to eliminate the harmful effects of stress on the body

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My name is Helena.
I work where Science meets Health.

What I do:
  • Personalized nutrition
  • Stress management programs
  • Ayurveda consultations
  • Yoga and meditation classes

Who I am:
  • A scientist, with a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics, author of multiple research papers in peer-reviewed international scientific journals (PNAS, Develeopment, EMBO) and a registered European patent
  • With over 10 years work experience in renowned international research institutions including Cambridge University, Max-Planck Institute CBG, Stanford University
  • Author of a unique health recovery system based on personalized nutrition
  • Author of courses and workshops in individual nutrition and detoxification, stress-management, ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle, women's health, phyto- and aromatherapy
  • Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, Meditation coach
  • Eating Psychology coach
  • Child yoga teacher
    Do you know anyone who does not experience stress?
    No. And do you know why?
    Let me tell you something - in modern life stress cannot be avoided. But it can be managed!
    Why can we not just "let things go"?
    Because the consequences of stress do not naturally disappear. They are retained in our mind and body as hormonal imbalances, creating negative behaviour response, unhealthy eating patterns and harmful symptoms.
    This course teaches how to neutralise any kind of harmful stress and remove its deep effects on the body.

    "Antistress - step by step" is my unique course without any analogues. It is an in-depth learning system, which I developed according to individual stress reaction of every person.

    The course is based on:

    • my personal scientific research
    • my knowledge in molecular and cell biology, evidence-based nutrition, as well as alternative approaches Yoga and Ayurveda
    • my diverse experience with individual clients over the past years

    Read on...
      I feel constant anxiety but do not know the reason where it comes from
        I often repeat the same harmful behaviour following stress
        I deal with stress by overeating or not eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs
        Are you familiar with these feelings?
        I want to get actual practical tools how to deal with stress
        I want to support my body by correct nutrition especially during stressful times
        I want to get rid of any addiction
        3 weekly course units:
        Week 1
        Exploring individual stress response
        Workshop "Individual Antistress"
        An online or live workshop (2 hours) with an opportunity to ask questions.

        • What stage of stress am I in?
        • What is my individual stress response?
        • Tailoring my own antistress practice: Yoga asanas, breathing exercises and body therapy according to your type of stress response
        • First aid for stressful situations
        • How to prevent stress?

        Guiding materials for easier implementation
        Diary of stress reactions
        Allows you to determine your individual stress response out of 4 typical reactions and to find the right practice to react on it

        My individual Antistress
        A detailed list of physical and breathing practices for each type of stress response, with how-to-do descriptions
        Week 2
        Improving sleep and lifestyle
        Workshop "Lifestyle, sleep and meditation"
        An online or live workshop (2 hours) with an opportunity to ask questions.

        • How can I benefit from my stress?
        • Exploring meditation - which technique suits you best?
        • How to improve my sleep?
        • Anti-stress exercises for specific organs and systems of the body
        • How to implement the theory into practice?
        • Stress management in the family
        • How to deal with conflicts in daily life?
          Guiding materials for easier implementation
          Meditation is for everybody!
          Simple meditation techniques for both beginners or advanced practitioners - pick one that suits you best!

          Antistress for every need
          Easy relief exercises for stress situations of any kind

          Antistress for your body organs
          Yoga exercises aimed to recover certain organs and body systems, including detailed how-to-do descriptions with pictures.
          Week 3
          Creating healthy nutrition and getting rid of addictions
          Workshop "Nutrition during stress and healthy habits"
          An online or live workshop (2 hours) with an opportunity to ask questions.

          • Easy-to-implement basics of healthy nutrition
          • Specific nutrition in stressful times
          • Recommendations for herbs, essential oils and supplements during stress
          • How to implement healthy habits - without pressure and additional stress?
          • How to get rid of harmful addictions - sweets, alcohol, smoking, etc. in a gentle way?
            Guiding materials for easier implementation
            Addiction diary
            Allows you to see the triggers of your addictions and to understand their real cause.

            Where is my resource?
            An easy practice to help you find how to increase your energy and your level of joy and relaxation, on a day-to-day basis.

            My personal audio meditation for whole body relaxation
            Audio-recording of meditation guided by me, helps to relieve the tension and reach internal balance - in only 10 minutes for easy daily implementation.
            Participation options
            Antistress Course - Step by Step
            599 €
            Live or online course within a corporation. Max. 50 participants.

            • My personal guidance throughout the course
            • 3 lectures with Q&A session
            • All lecture slides in pdf
            • All guiding materials in pdf
            • Can be booked for individual groups or within a corporation
            Today, already more than 300 people have taken this course and brought their lifestyle to the new level, including:
            Gentle wheaning off antidepressants
            Improving symptoms of chronic disease and pain
            Improving digestion and tissue nourishment
            Full recovery of sleep, elimination of insomnia

            Improved relationships with relatives and friends
            Achieving proper life/work balance
            My degrees and certificates
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